Job Descriptions!

Below is a preliminary list of StuySports positions that will be open to qualified students:


  1. Attends every practice and every game/match (home and away) or tournament.
  2. Builds a rapport with coach and team members.
  3. Reports scores on social media as each game progresses.
  4. Writes season preview.
  5. Writes game reports, which are stories after every game; story elements are: interview winning and losing coaches; interview winning and losing players; accompany a photo for each story; include stats or keep your own during each game.
  6. Writes off-season report.


  1. Maintains each team’s Roster Page with the following information: Portraits/headshots of each player/coach; official and professional-looking team photo; a brief bio of each player/coach that will go under the portrait (neighborhood; height; weight; sports bio; etc.).
  2. Takes photos of sporting events and other Stuyvesant sports-related functions (awards ceremonies; tournaments; etc.).


  1. Live stream games.
  2. Record and edit games for posting on website.
  3. Compile Stuyvesant sports related footage (awards ceremonies; homecoming; tournaments; etc.)


  1. Play-by-play and “color-commentary” of live streamed or recorded games, specifically basketball and football.
  2. Possible weekly recorded “recap” or “roundtable” segments of professional sports and Stuyvesant-related sports.


  1. Write opinion pieces on: Stuyvesant-related sports issues; societal sports related issues; professional sports related issues.


  1. Identifies alumni and current athletes with interesting stories to feature.
  2. Writes features on coaches, teachers, or student-athletes.


  1. Establishes and maintains a social media presence on the following: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; YouTube


  1. Maintains and updates team display cases on the third floor.
  2. Maintains trophy display cases in areas dedicated to Stuyvesant sports.
  3. Works on creating a Stuyvesant High School Sports Hall of Fame and an area in the school to commemorate these former student-athletes.


  1. Editor in Chief
  2. Opinions Editor
  3. Features Editor
  4. Webmaster
  5. Videography Editor
  6. Boys Fall Editor (7 Teams)
  7. Girls Fall Editor (7 Teams)
  8. Boys Winter Editor (7 Teams)
  9. Girls Winter Editor (4 Teams)
  10. Boys Spring Editor (8 with Golf)
  11. Girls Spring Editor (8 with Cricket)

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